The Spanish journals included cover different fields of knowledge included in the general thematic areas of Social Sciences, Human Sciences, Science and Technology and Medical Sciences. Interdisciplinary and multidisciplinary journals are also included.

The Social Sciences area include journals on  Anthropology and Ethnology, Legal Sciences, Political Sciences, Education Sciences, Economics, Geography, Scientific Information, Psychology, Sociology and Urbanism

The Human Sciences area covers such disciplines as Archeology and Prehistory, Arts, Philosophy, History, Linguistics and Literature

Science and Technology covers journals on Astronomy and Astrophysics, Agrarian Sciences, Earth and Space Sciences, Life Sciences, Technological Sciences, Physics, Mathematics and Chemistry

Finally, the Medical Sciences include mostly journals on Clinical Sciences, Surgery, Internal Medicine, Pathology, Public Health And Pharmacology but other medical specialties are also present.

You can get an updated general overview of the journals coverage by entering the Journals section and then going to the topic Thematic coverage.